10 Things You Should NOT Ask About Life Coaching

Do you want to embark on a journey of becoming a Certified Life Coach or are you considering the benefits of professional coaching service? Having a clear understanding about the nature of the profession will keep you from asking questions that you should NOT be asking in the first place. To begin with, you must understand that  Life Coaching is a profession and discipline that is profoundly different from counseling, mentoring and consulting.

Counseling deals with helping people get well. The focus of counseling is healing wounds from past emotional traumas incurred from life experiences or relationships.  Coaching is future focused. It is not fixated with the past. Coaches enable clients to take control of their lives through actionable strategies for the improvements and goals that the clients want to see manifested in their lives.

In a mentoring relationship, a client seeks a mentor because of their perceived expertise in a portion of their life that they are hoping to develop. The mentor provides advice, wisdom, and counsel that is born of their experience and imparts it to the client.

In a coaching relationship, the coach may or may not be an expert in the field of their client. Expertise in the field isn’t necessary. The role of the coach isn’t to advise or counsel, but it honors the client’s adequacy to solve their own problems and provides the support and accountability for the client to set and reach their own goals.

Consultants work with an organization and individuals as experts in their field who diagnose problems and develop strategies to help them accomplish their goals.  Coaches do not give solutions. Again, coaches believe that individuals and organizations can solve their problems, provide that tools are given to enable them to self-discover.

Do want to know more?  Below, instead of giving answers to your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), I am sharing the things that you shouldn’t be asking about Life Coaching:

Can I be a Life Coach? 

Coaching starts with the heart!  The motivation behind coaching is that at the very core of their being, life coaches: [1] believe in people;  [2] see the value in the individual and [3] are passionate about bringing the greatness of people to the surface. This is who coaches are and this is something you will know from deep within you.  Asking if you can be a “life coach” is like asking if you are capable of loving.

Can I start coaching with zero background or knowledge?

Life Coaching is a profession and as such: [1] Skills are important; [2] Training is needed and [3] Methods are helpful.  Asking if you can start coaching with zero background or knowledge is very much like asking if you can take-off a plane and keep it on the air without knowing about aviation.

Is it Profitable to Be a Life Coach?

Coaching is NOT a business but skills that you can use, combined with other knowledge and expertise to help achieve goals and realize visions in life.  Asking if it is profitable would reduce the profession to profit-generating business operation!

How much can I Earn from Life Coaching Profession?

National Post Report by Ray Williams published in 2007 have already acknowledged Coaching as the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology.  Today, it is a commanding $2 Billion worth industry with unparalleled growth.  The financial rewards from coaching profession are definitely obvious and need no further asking.  The “reward” of launching people into their destiny is truly immeasurable.  The earning potential from the industry is unknown and should not be asked for it is truly limitless.

Do I need Life Coach Certification to Start Coaching?

Coaching remains to be unregulated by the government or any global agency.  It is not required to have Life Coach Certification to start coaching and to become successful in the practice of the profession.  Life Coach Certification, however, provides future coaches with specific skilled training, credibility and a way to enter the profession with confidence.  Taking a certification class is the most responsible decision a professional coach will undertake and if you are that kind of coach, you shouldn’t be asking if you need a certification or not.

Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

  published “11 Celebrities Who Prove Using A Life Coach Will Help Reboot Your Career” in ELITE DAILY — if you know how it is to feel fear and get overwhelmed, if you have emotions and challenges in life, if you have dreams and visions and things to achieve, then you can definitely identify with any of these 11 celebrities.  And if you can, then, you should not ask if you need a Life Coach.


How Effective Is Life Coaching?

Sean Everett published “14 Billionaires & Celebrities Get Coached” in THE MISSION—  if you want to achieve incredible things in life, or you are a person who just want to live a happy carefree life but have to go through wretched pain, then you are no different to these billionaires and celebrities who get coached.  If they got the results, Life Coaching must be effective and need no further validation.


Why Do I Need to Pay for a Life Coach?

Does your life have value? What is the most valuable asset that you possess?  Is there a price tag for your vision?  What is it that you cannot live without? How much is your worth?  How well are you doing in life? What are your priorities? Are you living a fulfilled life?  What can make you happier?   Are you ready to go?  What legacy are you leaving behind?  Can you imagine hearing the eulogy during your wake?  — if you do not have an answer to even just one of these questions, then you should know by now why you need to pay for professional service of a Life Coach.

What Can I Expect from Life Coaching?

Ex·pec·ta·tion is a strong belief that something will happen or will be the case in the future.   In life coaching, it is not what you expect but what you experienced and accomplished that defines the coaching relationship.  Life coaching is an intentional relationship, built on trust of the coachee and influence of the Life Coach.  In this kind of relationship, anything can happen way beyond your greatest expectations.  It is not for you to ask what to expect, instead, you must define what do you want to achieve and accomplish in Life Coaching.

Is Life Coaching for me?

Can your life be better?  Can you be happier?  Can you go an extra mile? Can you achieve more?  Can there be more in life than what you experiencing now?  Did you answer with overwhelming “YES?”  Then, don’t ask if life coaching is for you.  Just get started at once!


Life Coaching makes no promises but it delivers life-changing results.  —- Coach A

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