Acrylic Painting Workshop For Kids: Act Real Leak 2 | Dec 27 | 11am


Do you see it when your children are acting up? Do you know when they are real? Do you notice the leaks of who they really are in the simple things that they do? How intentional are we in discovering the ACT, REAL and LEAKS?

Coach ER had her first 3 workshops for kids and she heard from guardians the breakthroughs and new discoveries among the children who participated. Not that they did magic, but because children are naturally amazing when placed in the environment where they feel free to express and yet, appreciated.

So, come and let’s intentionally witness again the kids as we unveil more of how beautiful and amazing these little souls are. See you on December 27, Thursday, at 11am to 12:30nn!

This workshop has material fee of Php250.00 which includes the materials they’ll be using in the workshop which they can bring home as well. We only have 8 slots so please, register your child’s name prior the event!

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