Career Talk: Brand You - The Power Of Image & Identity | May 20 | 7:30PM

Whether you are aware or not, you already have a brand. If you’re on social media, you are already creating a brand by choosing what to make public and keep private as you present yourself as you’d like to be seen.

With people making assumptions about you so quickly, do you want to
❓Leave people’s impression of you completely to chance?
❓Or be intentional and take control over how you’re seen?

Let Coach Mix, certified life coach, assist you in creating a Brand You through clarifying your values, aspirations, expertise so the powerful image is aligned with your authentic identity.

The free career talk will help you
❗️Understand which jobs fits you best
❗️What kind of project brings out the best in you
❗️Differentiate e draining facade

This is an essential part of living your life by design!

20 May | Mon | 7:30pm

This is a FREE event subject to P200.00 minimum meal order per participant.

Connect with 0917.586.1661 to reserve your seat.

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