Coaching for Mental Wellness | Aug 4 | 5PM

There are countless of reasons why mental health concern can develop in you or within your family. If you struggle with one mental health issue, then you know that it can feel like a complex problem that is too much too for many. There are biological components, emotional components, and genetic components, meaning some mental health issues run in families!

Quoting Ravi N. Shah, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center: “Several mental illnesses have at least some genetic component … “Remember that the vast majority of mental illnesses are not strictly heritable by a single gene. Rather, they are more similar to a complex trait such as height or intelligence. That means that broadly speaking, a family history of mental illness raises the risk of mental illness in patients on average.” But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily guaranteed.

Shah continued: “The exact cause of most mental illnesses is not known, but genetic and environmental factors interact to increase (or decrease) the risk of mental illness for any particular individual.” It’s the whole “nature versus nurture” thing.

We cannot control nature but we can NURTURE! We nurture Mental Fitness at D’ Cup Coffee Republic … join us this Saturday for another Coaching for Mental Wellness by CoachMaureen Mestica, HR Manager and Coach Candee Teng, Clinically Diagnosed Sufferer.

This is a FREE Community Service of D’ Cup Coffee Republic and labor of love of Certified Life Coaches. Generous order of food and beverage is requested to bless the venue.

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