Coaching for Mental Wellness | Jan 5 | 5PM

What is your Health goal in 2019? Often when we think about health, we only look at Physical health and neglect our Mental health but out Mental Health is as much important as our physical health. What are your Mental Health Goals in 2019? What are your Mental wellness plans in place for 2019? What does it mean to have good mental health?

We cannot separate mental and physical health. However, many have been slower to adopt the concept that mental wellbeing is something you can work at, like physical fitness. Understanding mental health and wellness, you can employ a shift, an edit, or add on to your lifestyle, changes that can significantly improve your mental well-being and eventually your physical well-being.

Join Coach Candee Teng and Coach Hasmin Miroy on Saturday, 5th of January 2019, 5:00 pm at D’ Cup Coffee Republic for Life Coaching for Mental Wellness — learn more about Mental Health and how life coaching can help make some of the lifestyle changes that can benefit both body and mind to start your the year 2019.

This talk is a FREE Community Event, subject to P200 food order to bless the venue.

For more information: SMS 0917.586.1661

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