Coaching for Mental Wellness | Jul 21 | 5PM

Do you carry with you an “unseen” scar? A mark left from an event that impacted you deeply. Every person has them, many would even carry countless of scars that develop as life events leave their mark, each one representing a story. Some of these scars marked stories of good experiences, but some scars represents horrible past that continue to haunt.

Do you walk away from people because of your scars? It’s time to take care of your mind and your body.

Join Coach Shaun Chiong de Joya and Coach Tin de Joya on Saturday, July 21, 5pm and take the 1st step to understanding Mental Wellness towards your personal healing process … scars are marks of the past but should not define your future.

This event is a FREE Community Service of D’ Cup Coffee Republic and labor of love of the coaching coaches. Generous order of food & beverage is requested as blessing to the venue.

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