Coaching for the Soul: Mental Maps | Jan 17 | 7:30PM


Do you have Mental Maps that no longer serve your purpose, values and vision but you are continuously keeping handy?

Countless of our mental maps are flawed and adulterated by our environment and past experiences. It is not helping us to get anywhere at all. Unfortunately, many of us keep the maps and the details are detrimental self-prophecy.

Join Master Coach A for the LIVE episode of Coaching for the Soul: MIND MAPS —- Learn how you can re-structure and re-align your mental maps so you gain clarity, direction and grip in life.

SAVE-THE-DATE: 17 January | Thursday | 7:30pm

Coaching for the Soul is a weekly Coaching Talk of Coach A every Thursday night. This Community Night Event is FREE subject to P200.00 minimum food/beverage order.

Connect with Coach Rezzhel through 0917.586.1661 for more information and/or to reserve a seat.

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