Coaching for the Soul: Mirror vs Magnifying Glass | Feb 28 | 7:30PM

When things go ‘wrong’ it’s very human to assign the blame to others – we delude ourselves thinking that this helps us understand what happened and move forwards. And who doesn’t feel better ‘knowing’ the cause – especially if it’s someone else!

Unfortunately, the truth is, although passing the blame helps us feel better, it also prevents us from seeing where we contributed to the situation. And as long as it’s someone else’s fault, it is difficult to empathize and have compassion for others.

How then can we prevent the problem arising again in the future? Join Master Coach A for LIVE Episode of Coaching for the Soul, Thursday, 7:30pm (FB LIVE at 8pm) and discover why dramas in life seems to always find the same people.

Weekly Coaching for the Soul is a FREE Community Night event of D’ Cup Coffee Republic subject to P200 worth of food/beverage order.


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