Coaching for the Soul: Relationship | Feb 21 | 7:30AM

In every relationship, both parties must be sailing the same ship, heading to the same destination in the same direction in order to relate with each other.
But what if relating with another person wont come easy?
Let’s get one thing straight… relating with others is not always easy — communication is very challenging! There will be conflict, challenges, frustrations, irritations and all the other niggles that come along with every relationships in our lives, be it professional, family, platonic or romantic.
Join Master Coach A on February 21, 2019, 7:30pm for LIVE Episode of Coaching for the Soul —- discover why having conversation with someone to voice your concerns, can feel so difficult or awkward.
Coaching for the Soul is a FREE Community Night event at D’ Cup Coffee Republic subject to P200 min food/beverage order.
Call/SMS 0917.586.1661 for more information.
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