Coaching for the Soul : Ways to Build Good Habits and Brealk Bad Ones | Oct 25 | 7:30pm


Habits aren’t just for productivity but are actually tied to our identity, hence, we must choose wisely on the habits that we take and form as part of our lifestyle. Personal beliefs influence our interpretations of the events that happen in our life — which may significantly affect our habit-forming responses at most times.

Join Master Coach A for LIVE episode of Coaching for the Soul and learn the 4 Laws that you can utilize to build new habits or break bad ones when life changes.

Coaching for the Soul is a FREE community night event of D’ Cup Coffee Republic, generous order of food and beverage are requested from guests/attendees to bless the venue. While food from other concessionaires are allowed in the dining area, we appreciate our guests who honor our service with respect and generosity.

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