Discovery Night with Coach A | Oct 1 | 6pm

A little over a quarter and the year will be over!

How satisfied are you with the quality of life you lived this year?
Were your choices, activities, priorities and expenditures enabled you to experience satisfaction in life?

Is 2018 your best year ever or like the years that passed, you wish you could have dive deeply to what could have really satisfied you?
Many individuals continue to navigate life aimlessly and clueless to what would really satisfy them and make them live a fulfilled life! They navigate each day without compass and map on a ship without rudder.

Are you boarding each day on a cruise to nowhere? Do you eat, work, go merry and sleep each day only to wake up to do the same routine in the sea of nothingness? How long do you wish to continue like this?

Would you consider a night with me to finally discover what will truly make you satisfied so you can live a fulfilled life?

I invite you to join me for a DISCOVERY NIGHT for us to jump together to your sea of awareness. Let’s dive in to self-discovery and encounter your “NEVER BEFORE” true self!

It’s a date on October 01, 6pm @ the Function Hall of D’ Cup Coffee Republic … please be on board by 5:30pm!

For more information: Call Coach Rezz thru 0917.586.1661

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