Free Career Coaching For Entrepreneurs | Mar. 5, 2018

Coaching is an incredibly valuable tool for every successful entrepreneur and would be entrepreneur!

I work hard. At times, the money flows. Most of the times, the unexpected happens and the money tends to go out faster than its going in. Still I work harder. I work for the passion. I love what I do. I work because its fun and fulfilling.

I work to change the communities, to change the workplace, to change the people. I innovate. I don’t think like the rest.

I fight through the lean to get to overflow. I am tenacious. I am a little crazy at times. I live and breathe what I do.

Some cheer for me. Many don’t understand. But the fire burns deep within me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

DOES THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU? Then, you’re invited to a “FREE” CAREER COACHING FOR ENTREPRENEURS by COACH A, Certified Life Coach — Monday, March 5, 7:30pm @ D’ Cup Coffee Republic.

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