Free Life Coaching for Family's Mental Wellness | Feb 9 | 5:00Pm

Ravi N. Shah, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center: “The exact cause of most mental illnesses is not known, but genetic and environmental factors interact to increase (or decrease) the risk of mental illness for any particular individual.” It’s the whole “nature versus nurture” thing.

There are countless reasons why mental health concern can develop. Some mental health issues run in families, the interaction, and the environment mechanics that the family creates impacts a sufferer. Understanding some of the Mental problems that might be present in a family can help with your Mental wellness through awareness, prevention, and intervention.

We cannot control nature, but we can NURTURE! We nurture Mental Wellness at D’ Cup Coffee Republic … Join Coach Candee Teng for an afternoon of FREE Life Coaching for Mental Wellness, 09 Feb 2019, 5:30 pm at D’ Cup Coffee Republic. Avail of a Complimentary personal life Coaching after the session.

This talk is a FREE Community Event, subject to P200 food order to bless the venue.

For more information: SMS 0917.586.1661

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