Kapehan Night: Break Free from Busyness | Oct 30 | 7:30pm

“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.” —- John Archibald Wheeler

Nature’s Way vs Man’s Way — the battle continue and seems to progress as man continue to achieve more and nature continue to hold its rightful place.

Time can be man’s bestfriend only if we know how to join forces with it. However, if we try to overcome time, we’ll eventually be defeated.

Join LIVE episode of Kapehan Night with Coach A at D’ Cup Coffee Republic, 7:30pm and learn how to tame busyness in our life and enjoy time as our best ally!

Kapehan Night is a FREE community night event of D’ Cup Coffee Republic, generous order of food and beverage are requested from guests/attendees to bless the venue. While food from other concessionaires are allowed in the dining area, we appreciate our guests who honor our service with respect and generosity.


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