Kapehan Night: Depression Hack | July 17 | 7:30PM

Have you been to the doctor? Have you seen a therapist? Have you spent time with people who love you and willing to help you? Yet no matter what you do, that depression won’t go away?

Just because you’ve read all the usual advice on how to be free from depression and nothing has work so far doesn’t mean that nothing will!

Regardless of how low down you feel right now, no matter how much it feels like your depression have no end, know that there are still countless of things you can do for things to turn around for the better.

Join Coach A for a LIVE episode of Kapehan Night at D’ Cup Coffee Republic and learn coaching tool kit on dealing with depression when nothing else works, complete with simple & actionable steps that you can do, no matter how severe your depression may be.

Kapehan Night is a weekly FREE Community Night Event of D’ Cup Coffee Republic happening every Tuesday Night. Generous order of food and beverage is requested to bless the venue.

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