Kapehan Night: Inner Critic | Nov 13 | 7:30PM

Countless of people struggle with an inner critic. It’s something we all have to face at some point in our existence!

How to fight the critic’s negativity is a common question. How do we develop a strong and kind voice that focus on the positive reality that is inside of us?

At times, much of the problem isn’t WHAT our inner critic is actually saying, but that we believe and pay attention to it.

Join Coach A for Kapehan Night at 7:30pm (LIVE at 8pm via FB: https://www.facebook.com/lifecoachphils) and learn how to align yourself with a strong and kind self – and believe – that YOU are ALWAYS capable of being your best.

Kapehan Night every Tuesday is a weekly FREE Community Night event at D’ Cup Coffee Republic. Generous order of food and beverage as blessing to the venue is much appreciated.

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