Kapehan Night: Instant Gratification | July 10 | 7:30PM

At the core of instant gratification is one of the most basic drives inherent in every human being —the drive to experience pleasure and avoid pain. This tendency is known as the pleasure principle.

> Do you have the urge to indulge in a high-calorie treat instead of a snack that will contribute to good health?

> Do you desire to hit snooze instead of getting up early to exercise?

> Are you tempted to go out for drinks with your friends instead of finishing a paper or studying for an exam?

> Are you tempted to go out for drinks with your friends instead of getting a good night’s sleep on a work night (this is one temptation that crosses generational bounds)?

> Do you desire to buy a new car that will require a high-interest loan instead of waiting until you have saved enough money to buy it without taking a loan?

> What’s your instant gratification story?

Join Coach A for a LIVE episode of Kapehan Night at D’ Cup Coffee Republic and learn How to Overcome Instant Gratification Bias.

Kapehan Night is a weekly FREE Community Night Event happening every Tuesday Night. Generous order of food and beverage is requested to bless the venue.

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