Kapehan Night: Luck vs Hard Work | Jan 15 | 7:30PM

Absolute Success is Luck. Relative Success is Hard Work — do you agree?

The famous investor and multi-billionaire, Warren Buffet, has long been a proponent for the role of luck in success. Should we take this proposition, however, we face the question —  what happens to hard work, persistence, diligence and drive?  While we can’t deny the presence of luck, generally, people seems to have the sense that hard work really does make a difference.

Join Master Coach A for the LIVE episode of Kapehan Night: LUCK VS HARD WORK —- Discover what determines success? Hard work or good fortune? Effort or randomness? Either way, we need to understand that all factors play a role.

SAVE-THE-DATE: 15 January | Tuesday | 7:30pm

Kapehan Night is a weekly Coaching Talk of Master Coach A every Tuesday night. This Community Night Event is FREE subject to P200.00 minimum food/beverage order.

Connect with Coach Rezzhel through 0917.586.1661 for more information and/or to reserve a seat.

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