Kapehan Night w/ Coach A: Exos vs Intos [FREE] | Mar. 20, 2018

Do you always focus on something internal to you, about your life or the things happening around you? Or do you tend to focus on what’s going on in the world and with other people who surround your life?

Bringing balance to our thinking is essential for our own well being and state of peace. However, some people tend to do more internalizing while others are extremely externalizing.

In this coaching session with Coach A, you will have a closer look at internalizing vs externalizing. You will understand what can propel your future success. You will learn how to achieve balance in your life and discover how to re-establish yourself from out-of-balance situations.

Join our weekly Kapehan Night at D’ Cup Coffee Republic this Tuesday at 7:30pm. Admission is absolutely FREE!

For more info please contact 0917.586.1661 / 0908.505.1126

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