With the right training, your future can be better than what you’ve imagined. We, at The Life Coach Training Institute, have confidence that life coaching is the best profession that you can consider to practice and incorporate with practicality anything that you are presently doing.  Life coaching is being recognized all over the world and ranked 2nd fastest growing industry today, next to information technology.

Life coaching is on the few the professions that is recession-proof.  What’s more,  it allows you to work from home, help people, own your own business and support others on their personal journeys in life. It is easy to begin and all it takes is the decision to start honing your knowledge and skills so you can start coaching professionally.

Life coaching is not counseling, which allows a mental health professional to work with a client who may be struggling with an illness or disability, pain or traumas from past experiences.

Life coaching is not mentoring, whereby a professional work with a more experienced professional in the same field of expertise. Life coaching is also distinct from a training relationship, wherein the teacher or trainer provide their knowledge or skills with a client for a short period of time.

Life coaching is not consulting, wherein the consultant work with an organization and individuals as experts in their field who diagnose problems and develop strategies to help them accomplish their goals.

Life coaches do not give a list of boxes for clients to tick or nor life coaches provides a strict set of steps to follow, rather the aim is to help the coachee discover their own motives and goals, and in the process, aid them in finding the best path forward.

Life Coaches are neither descriptive nor prescriptive.  Coaches do not give solutions. Coaches believe that individuals and organizations can solve their problems if they are given tools to enable them to self-discover.

Life Coaching empower individuals to take control of their life, fulfill their potentials and reach their goals.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of becoming a Certified Life Coach?  Visit or call all 0917.586.1661 for the next schedule of Face-to-Face Life Coach Certification Class in Manila, Philippines happening at the function hall of D’ Cup Coffee Republic.


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