Life Coaching 101 - Jan. 6

Are you interested about Life Coaching?

Do you have a heart to coach others?
Do you want to help others succeed and be better in life?
Do you have the passion to affect change in the world?

Do what to know …

What is life coaching?
How does life coaching work?
What is the coaching process?
What is a typical coaching session?
Is life coaching worth the time and money?
Can I be a life coach?
How to coach your team effectively?
What are creative ways to coach kids at home?

How to become a Certified Life Coach?

Do you want to experience a Life Coaching Session?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions or you have other questions in mind about Life Coaching as a discipline and how does it work ….

Then “a table for tea” is best for you!

Come and join Coach A for an afternoon of Life Coaching Basics and more .

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