Life Coaching 101 | June 5 | 7:30PM

What value does workplace coaching bring to an organization? This is a tough question to answer, as it really just depends on an organization’s goals.

Workplace coaching is for the primary benefit of the employee. But, of course, as the employee benefits, so does the organization as a whole.

If we were to look at this in a general way, then we could conceivably highlight several benefits of workplace coaching. These benefits are focused on helping employees gain the confidence and direction they need to perform at a high level.

Given this, let’s explore the value of coaching in the workplace. Let’s examine how life coaching can help employees to optimize how they work and live their life.

Join Coach Shaun for Life Coaching 101 on June 5,  2019, 7:30pm at D’ Cup Coffee Republic

Learning Fee: P499.00

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