Life Coaching 101 | Oct 27 | 2PM

LIFE COACHING 101 is a jumpstart talk on Life Coaching intended to provide individuals from all walks of life with concise but life-changing understanding of Life Coaching and its relevance in today’s complex and yet opportunistic digital era dominated by the world of social media that continuously challenged the mental well-being of our generation.

In this session, The Coaching Couple Shaun and Tin will talk about the nature and foundation of Life Coaching. This talk is perfect for those who wants to understand the similarities and differences between practice of coaching, counseling, mentoring and consulting. People who have the heart to help others and intend to avoid the most common mistakes that tend to plague beginners or those without the “know-how” must definitely come and attend.

Whether you are a practicing coach at work or simply the “go-to” person in your family and circle of friends — this session with The Couple Coach will surely make you better in what you are already doing. Also, if you are interested in a Life Certification Program and considering Life Coaching as a profession, then you shouldn’t miss this talk.

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