Life Coaching 101 with Coach Shaun & Coach Tin | Aug 1 | 6:30PM

Discover the Power of Coaching!

Life coaching have the power to transform lives… both the life of the coach and the coachee.

Each person is unique and made to thrive even in the most complex environment. However, at times, life’s challenges and struggles can be very tiring and crippling and the need for professional support is no longer an option but a necessity.

Life Coaching 101 will help you discover the power of coaching in your life whether you are considering becoming a professional coach or you need coaching yourself. Your life will be enriched as you gain insights about the 2nd fastest growing profession in the world today.

Discover principles, concepts and opportunities that life coaching have to offer. Whatever is your present profession or business endeavor, this learning session is for you.

If you are considering a change in profession or you are in a season that you want to re-invent yourself, Life Coaching 101 is perfectly for you.

Call Coach Rezzhel thru 0917.586.1661 to reserve your seat.

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