Life Coaching Talk: Breaking Bad | Jan 28 | 7:30pm

Breaking Bad

We all have a bad habit or two we could stand to lose, but habits are hard to break. Whether your bad habit is procrastinating, overspending, swearing, or any other one you want to change – it keep us away from our goals, rob us of motivation and willpower, and preventing us to live life fully.

Join coach Mix this Jan 28 (7:30PM) at D’ Cup Coffee Republic for a transformative mentoring session on how to design your environment and activities to fully kick out those nasty habits that keeps you away from your dream body, dream wallet, dream career, or dream life.

Lets move from Dream to Design onward to your Destiny.

This Life Coaching Talk is a FREE event subject to P200.00 minimum meal order per participant.

Connect with 0917.586.1661 to reserve your seat.

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