#LifeGoals Series: Succeed in Balancing Life | July 30 | 7:30PM

Being busy and overworked is often seen as an indicator of a successful person. After all, the more useful you are, the more work you have, right? Hmm, think again! More and more people now realize that maximum performance is not the same as optimum performance. What we should aim for is to live healthy so that we can give our best – our optimum effort! Otherwise, running on overdrive will sooner or later leave us maxed out.

So how’s your stress level? Are you more like a busy bee carrying out orders all day long, or you are like a gentle lamb resting quietly on green pastures under the Shepherd’s care?

Join Coach Ed on July 30, 2018, 7:30PM for a #LifeGoals Series at D’ Cup Coffee Republic.

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