Moving ON-Journey to Unconditional Love Series | Feb 27 | 7:30PM

How can you say one has truly moved on in life whether in Relationship, Career or from an event that happened in our Life that is keeping us from moving forward and living life?

does moving on mean forgetting?
does moving on mean being fully healed?

does “moving on” mean or equates to moved on?

What does it really mean when people say “I have moved on.” ” I am trying to move on,” “I don’t know how to move on,” “how can I start to move on?”

How does one truly knows when they are in the process of moving on, they have moved on, or they have simple “forget” but have not truly moved on. How can one differentiate and how can one know where they are in the process?

Join me for a FREE Life Coaching Class in discovering what it truly means to Move on… Whether simply in relationships, from painful events, hurts, trauma, quarrel, career… simply in LIFE.


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