Community Nights at D'Cup Coffee Republic

our community nightsJoin our Community Nights

Come join us at our Community Nights – sessions that will inspire, enrich, empower, or simply to unwind! Happens at 7:30 PM.

Tuesdays – Kapehan Nights with Coach A

Weekly coaching and mentoring session featuring timely and timeless issues in life, relationship, money, career, and more!

Worship Wednesdays by Word.Comm

Midweek Worship Service that is open to everyone. an intimate moment with God, a time to learn and re-learn His word and a night of fellowship over a cup of coffee.

Strengthening Thursdays with Coach A

Soul Strengthening Night for everyone who wants to break and breakthrough in life. Time to learn from the ‘Book of Life’ authored by the Divine Creator.

Open Mic Fridays

Open platform for music, poetry, and prophetic arts. Express to inspire, move to transform. There’s a place for everyone.

Check on our events¬†page for other activities and workshops we hold at D’Cup Coffee Republic.