Pointed Pen Calligraphy on Self-Care | Feb 25 | 4:00PM

Discover ways on How you can learn to cultivate self-care through Pointed pen calligraphy. Learn what is needed in the to be able to establish self-care routines through the process of Life Coaching.

Join me on Monday (February 25, 2019) 4:00 pm at D’ Cup Coffee Republic, for a Free Pointed Pen Calligraphy integrated with Life Coaching for Self-Care.

*This FREE EVENT is SUBJECT to P200 Food order.

What’s needed? An open heart to learn and have fun.


*Only 3 Materials will be provided for free.
*if you have your own set, kindly bring your pen and nibs.

You can buy your own set at the venue. I’m selling the materials at cost, from my friend, she supplies cheapest calligraphy materials.

A set includes the following:
A Nib, A holder and an Ink.

Option 1:
Nib – P100
Sumo calligraphy Ink 20ml – P80
Straight Holder – P 40
Total : P220

Option 2:
(Difference is the holder)
Nib – P100
Sumo calligraphy Ink 20ml – P80
Speedball Oblique holder – P150
Total: P 330

Option 3:
Nib – P100
Straight Holder – P 40
Total : P140

Option 4:
Nib – P100
Oblique Holder – P150
Total: P250

*ink is optional since you can use/share/dip in the ink that I am providing for free 🙂

For the holder, I would personally recommend the oblique holder since it is easier to use. 🙂

Please comment below for your orders 🙂

Thank you 🙂

Excited to see you on Wednesday 💖

Much Love and Light,

Coach Candee

To know the difference between the holders please feel free to read on the link below 👇


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