Reservations | D'Cup Coffee Republic in Mandaluyong


Accepting Reservations for the following and other occasional events

1) Nihongo Training Class 75 hrs (registration ongoing; min 6 per class)

a. Elementary Japanese Basic 1 (75 hrs)

Schedule 1: Sun 2pm-7pm PHP 8000

Schedule 2: Tue & Thu 2pm -5pm PHP6000

Schedule 3: Mon & Fri 2pm -5pm PHP8000

b. Elementary Japanese Basic 2 (75 hrs)

Schedule 1: Tue & Thu 6pm -9pm; Sat 10am-1pm PHP8000

Schedule 2: Sat 6pm-9pm PHP5000

2) Function Hall Reservation

Options for Function Hall Reservation

a. PHP500/hr with  Minimum Required Food and Bev Order PHP3000.00

b. PHP2,500 for 3 hrs

c. PHP10,000.00 Minimum Required Food and Bev Order, Free Hall Rental 3 hrs

3) Flex Space (D’ CUP WELLNESS)

50 sqm, 50 pax (click here for a view of the Flex Space area)

Ancillary flex space with a high-ceiling industrial vibe and nestled in one corner of the coffee shop that is best for fitness sessions, performance classes & practices, art exhibits & workshops, worship night, private gatherings such as tea party, bridal shower, product presentation, meet-up and the likes.

Options for the Flex Space area. Scroll below this page to reserve.

a. Hourly PHP 500

b. Daily (12hrs) PHP 5000

c. Weekly (7days) PHP 25000

4) Library Nook (D’ CUP LIBRARY)

47 sqm, 35 pax (Click here for a view of the Library Nook)

Open but secluded corner of the coffee shop that offers free book reading section and a sure favorite spot for art workshops, book launchings, open talks/forums and game nights. The white edifice wall can be used as projector screen adding life to any function and defining the personality of every activity.

Option for D’Cup Library: PHP350/hr. Scroll below this page to reserve.

5) Meeting Recess (portion of D’ CUP LIBRARY)

25 sqm, 16 pax (Click here for a view of the Meeting Recess area)

A working space within the library area which can easily be rearranged and repurposed for efficient use as group work station for a much-needed laid back “vibe” or area for private meetings, business presentations, meet-ups, small talks and other group activities.

Option for the Meeting Recess area: PHP 300/hr. Scroll below this page to reserve.

6) Pep Corner (portion of D’ CUP LIBRARY)

22 sqm, 6 pax (Click here for a view of the Pep Corner)

Intimate or chill, this is a perfect spot for private talk of a small number. A little adjustment in the set-up and the area can be repurposed and ready for activities such as bible study, tutorial classes, counseling, mentoring and the like.

Option for the Pep Corner: PHP300/hr. Scroll below this page to reserve.

7) Lounge

22sqm, 10 pax (Click here for a view of the Lounge)

Capture and experience Hotel-Lobby Meet Ups. Whether it’s a catch-up meeting with friends or private talk, this area is perfect. Also an excellent spot for a baby shower, contract signing, marriage proposal and the like.

Option for the Lounge area: PHP300/hr. Scroll below this page to reserve.

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