Uper Box : Apat Dapat

A couple of years ago, a Cracker company released a commercial that states “Apat Dapat”. It is a statement that claims their supremacy from other crackers. This is because instead of the usual three they have four plus they profess that theirs tastes better and cheaper compare to others. The thought of quantity, economically and using Bitoy “Micheal V as the endorser disenfranchised my doubts and made a believer out of me. Indeed there is something magical with number four because my hunger disappear after consuming it besides, the name of their cracker is Magic Flakes. If there’s a magical thing from consuming it besides from what i have said, that I am not aware.

However, there is this fact that I am aware of, concerning # 4. It is a pattern that God used in bringing out the Greatness of those people who believed and put their trust in Him. A pattern that he maximizes in creating a magical experiences and in the same way facilitates life’s defining moment. It is a process that’s consists of 4 stages that enables a person to become better, stronger and more fulfilled in life. What is these 4 steps that GOD mostly utilizes? Let us discover together at D’ Cup Coffee Republic at 2/F Pioneer St. Market Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City for our UPPER BOX.

Join us for Upper Box will learn from the lives of Godly men and women who undergo APAT DAPAT from GOD and the Magical Effects of it in their lives. Join me in identifying where you are in the APAT DAPAT so that we will learn from each other on how we will behave and operate on such stage. Tara, let us discover why APAT DAPAT at hindi TATLO. Tara, join us in learning the knick and knacks of these stages so that we will emerge a butterfly from this APAT DAPAT.

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