What is Life Coaching?

When you are Christian and you embark on a journey that is not common to many and take the less traveled path, quite surprisingly, spiritual “brothers and sisters” would question if what you are doing is biblical.  Well, taking it positively, the question lead to my continuing search for fellow “Christian” who is doing the profession and making a difference.

Recently, I stumbled on Eric Walker and his blog site: teachmetocoach.com for people who are embarking on the fulfilling journey of becoming a Christian Life Coach.  Here’s sharing his “infographic” on What is Life Coaching:




Like in any other profession, doing Life Coaching can be very challenging whether you are Christian or not.  Just don’t take it personally when people cannot or refuse to understand what you do.  Ultimately, our advantage as a Christian rest in the GOD who prosper us where He plants us.  God is a GOD of signs and wonders but to many, signs are elusive and wonders are privilege of the few.


Happy Coaching “fellow” Christians!




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