Coaching for the Soul w/ Master Coach A | Feb 13, 20, 27 8PM

Do you want to be happier, feel more gratitude, be more confident and create a successful, satisfying life?

But, you seem to hold yourself back because:

✅ Change feels like a daunting task
✅ You don’t know where to start
✅ You figure it as probably too complicated
✅ How would you find the time
✅ You failed countless of times

Do you think it is possible for everything to change if you will do things differently for 7 minutes every single day for 21 days?

YES or B.S.????

Well, it is B.S. —- it is your BELIEF SYSTEM that will spell the DIFFERENCE!!!!

Have you ever noticed that there are people that are always happy or things seem to go right for them even when things are not going right?

It is your Belief System (B.S.) that creates your life. This belief system creates thought patterns and habits that impact every part of your life.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the next 3 Thursdays of February and be sure not to miss any of the coaching talk of Master Coach A at D’ Cup Coffee Republic, 8pm … Make an INVESTMENT OF TIME for your soul!!!

For more information: 0917.586.1661

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