Free Life Coaching Session for Mental Wellness | July 6 | 5PM

Kindness is a behavioral response of compassion and actions that are selfless; Kindness is a value that is often undermined and forgotten because we live in a society where we are rushed, stressed, and spread too thin. Kindness has been linked directly to internal happiness.

“Studies have shown that practicing kindness, can boost serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, which are known as the “feel good, happy hormones.” On the contrary, arguments, anger, jealousy, feelings of guilt and other negative emotions over a long period of time can harvest an increase in cortisol which over time can have adverse effects on the body, leading to weakened immune function and weight gain, especially central weight gain. In other words, our positive and negative emotions are closely tied to both mental and physical symptoms.” – Kristen Fuller, M.D. (Pscyhology Today)

Mental health coaching is action-oriented and employs multiple strategies to help individuals maintain good Mental Well-being, provide successful changes, and makes an individual empowered to take control despite work stressors and personal challenges.

You are invited to join Coach Candee Teng and Coach Maureen Mestica for an afternoon coaching session and learning ways on how to be kind to mental health by understanding what promotes and what hinders you from having a Kind & Positive Mental Wellness.

06 July | Saturday | 5:00 PM

FREE Community Session subject to P200 food/beverage order.

For more information: SMS 0917.586.1661

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