Paint And Create : Mental Wellness Awareness Survival Guide - December 9, 2017

Everyone desires happiness in life. And what most people mean when they say they want to be happy is that they want to feel a positive sense of mental well-being.
“Paint & Create” is a group Coaching Session intended to PAINT awareness for the colorful world of Mental Wellness and to CREATE Survival Guide for people who are:
(1) experiencing “void and nothingness” in a world full of colors;
(2) broken and hurt but finding road to survival & recovery;
(3) fighting to live meaningfully and with purpose even when everything around is collapsing and hope is nowhere in sight;
(3) passionate in helping people with special support needs.
Whether for personal or professional use, for you or for others; if you are part or want to be part of the Mental Wellness Eco-System —- you shouldn’t miss this afternoon of connecting, learning, re-refreshing and re-calibrating.
Also, as a special gift, all participants can avail “FREE” (complimentary) Life Coaching Session with a Certified Life Coach.
Slots are limited; please SMS 0917.586.1661 to reserve a seat.

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